Add a socially distanced "Happy Birthday!" chorus to your birthday video!

Jan 22, 2021
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Have you ever tried to get a group together on Zoom to sing "Happy Birthday" to someone?

Now, HipHip now lets you easily pull together a virtual "Happy Birthday" chorus -- and they don't even need to be there at the same time!

How It Works

All you have to do is create a birthday card on HipHip, and choose the "Invite guests to sing" option -- set it to "Happy Birthday." (We'll be adding more songs over time.)

When guests get the invitation web link to sign the card, they can click the "Karaoke" button and record their part.

You, the card creator, will get an email telling you that someone has sung their part. When you're ready to assemble the video, you'll see a "Karaoke" tile in the Video Editor which allows you to drag and drop it to where you'd like: karaoke-social-distance.jpg

Note that in Video Studio, you'll see just one Karaoke tile, which represents all of the contributors to that song. When HipHip goes to produce the video, it will assemble all the karaoke singers into a single moment.

You can remove any singing parts you don't want

On your card's display, when signed in as the author, you can review and play back each individual contribution. If you've got one or more contributions you'd rather not include, you can delete them from your card in the card view.

For now, there's one limitation -- these deletions are permanent. That is, unlike regular card signatures (like photo uploads, text memories or selfie storytelling or congratulatory videos) which can be dragged and dropped onto the timeline, karaoke contributions are either deleted or not, and these deletions are permanent. All those karaoke contributions which exist will be included in your video. To opt out of including one of them, you need to delete it from your card. You can always ask your contributor to re-submit a part if you're not happy with it.

Supports 1-64 Singers!

Technically, HipHip supports even more than 64 signers, but we recommend you think of 64 as the limit, because it won't compose quite as well with more than that.

How To Get Started

HipHip is the easiest way to create celebration and surprise birthday videos. Just head on over to, click "Make a Video", and create a card for the honoree.

When creating your birthday card on HipHip, be sure to choose "Invite guests to sing after signing card": sing-happy-birthday-zoom.jpg

Then, you send out the invitiation links to people -- HipHip can help with that too, via Google Contacts, Outlook contacts and more. Just send the URL to people to contribute to the card.

If You've Already Created A Card

You can turn on the "Sing Happy Birthday" option easily! Simply choose "Edit Card Details" on your card's home page, and then choose the option above: edit-card-details.jpg

Recording Tips for Singers

  1. Find a quiet place or moment
  2. Find proper lighting
  3. Turn down the accompanying music volume, so you can just barely hear the key to sing
  4. Consider wearing a birthday hat, or doing something fun or funny!
  5. You can re-record it as many times as you'd like, be sure to click "Submit" when done!
  6. You can submit as many tries as you'd like

How it appears

It looks like a "Brady Bunch" style grid, with everyone singing the song at the same time. You can add introductory effects (like a curtain opening) and closing transition effects.

No software required!

With HipHip, you don't need to download and format any videos, fix timeline stuff, change aspect ratios or any such nonsense. It takes care of making the perfect video for you.

As birthday video creator, you can place this "Brady Bunch" style chorus wherever you'd like in the video. It does take a bit longer to render (at high definition, about 8 singers will take 3-5 minutes or so to render in high definition.)

Steve Murch
Steve is HipHip's founder.
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