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HipHip helps you celebrate the people you love.

Make a great video for life's big milestones: graduations, birthdays and more.

Celebrations — from graduations to milestone birthday parties to retirements — are different right now. Most of us can't have large gatherings. Tens of thousands of in-person graduations, birthday parties and celebrations have been cancelled. And yet, people deserve celebration, toasts, testimonials and messages of support from friends and family.

We're trying to help make these honorees feel a little more recognized and special.

Our Story

I'm a software entrepreneur, and have been working in technology for four decades, at companies like Microsoft, Expedia, and my own startups. In the Spring of 2020, I was following the discussion about cancelled in-person graduation in the parents' Facebook group of my son's university, and started thinking that there had to be a better way for parents gather videos, photos, stories to help celebrate their childrens' graduations. I've made plenty of videos for milestone events like birthday parties, milestones and rememberances. But if you're ever tried to pull one of these together, you know about the hassles involved walking everyone through how to upload videos to YouTube, collect media in various formats, or send/receive files via this or that sharing platform.

I wanted to make it simple and fun.

HipHip.app is applicable for all kinds of celebrations, from anniversaries to teacher appreciations, thank-you's and more.

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Our roadmap is public, which lets you see what we're working on, and gives you a chance to upvote ideas or make new suggestions. Have some ideas to make the experience better? Drop by the HipHip Roadmap and tell us how this would be an even better tool for you. Add ideas, upvote the ones you like most.

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And go share some memories and appreciation!

Steve Murch
Founder, HipHip.app
Seattle, Washington

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